I am a wife and mother who calls Cornville, Maine, her home. I spent the past 8 years working for the State of Maine and am now pivoting into a career in Special Education. I was raised in a home where my mother focused on raising us and taking care of the house while my father worked factory jobs. I am a gun owner, a lover of the outdoors, a dedicated Red Sox and Bruins fan.

But I’m tired of my voice, and the voice of my neighbors, not being heard.

We cannot keep allowing folks who do not value equality, justice, and democracy to lead – at any level. Representatives who are currently in office tend to discard the voters after the ballots are counted. It’s time that our representatives actually reflect those they are representing and are not just voted in because they are the only option.

Whether it’s helping to address the under-funding of education in our schools, helping workers create safe and stable workplace conditions, making sure people can feed their families and protect their property, or simply making sure that our representatives in Augusta are actually listening to those they represent, I am here for you.

I will work with the people in our district to raise the bar for those who represent them. I will return your phone calls. Your emails will be read and answered. I will listen to your concerns. Together, we will engage legislation that matters to you.

I will be there working with you, for a change.

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