Gun Rights

My father’s family grew up very poor. They lived in Mt.Vernon, Maine when he was young and hunted for food to feed their large family. I remember my uncle joking that Maine had 3 seasons: mud season, mosquito season and deer season. 

I grew up respecting guns, completed Hunter Safety Courses (as has my oldest son) and later completed a concealed carry course– back when 300 rounds didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I believe in the second amendment.

I also believe gun ownership comes with responsibility to keep them out of reach of children, secured separate from ammo, and should not be available to those who have lost their right of capacity to uphold that responsibility. Many mass school shootings, lives lost, and unimaginable trauma they have caused was 100% preventable if this was followed.

And if you need more rounds than the standard clip, you need to practice your aim.