Workers’ Rights

I am a union member with International Workers of the World (IWW).

During my employment with FairPoint communications in the 2000’s I was one of the first people to volunteer as a Steward at my work site during the Verizon acquisition with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW 1837.

I was hired on with the State of Maine in 2013 and joined Maine State Employees Association – Service Employees International Union, MSEA-SEIU Local 1989. By the time I started working for the State of Maine, I became the third generation of women in my family to do so –  all union members.

From expanding Medicaid to raising Maine’s minimum wage, union workers have helped raise Mainers out of poverty and worked to make sure more Mainers had access to healthcare than ever before. I’m proud to have worked with them, while using my voice as Steward, Chapter Officer, Board Member, Chief Steward and most-recently Vice-President. I helped lead efforts of building space for growth for other young workers to do the same. I have advocated for diversity, equity, and inclusion for underrepresented workers. I will continue to fight for parity in taxes for retirees of MainePERS participants– as well as strongly in support of eliminating the WEP/offset in the Social Security Act.

Maine’s working class has been under attack several times by bills that attempted to eliminate the collective power union members have. I believe if you and your co-workers want a union, you should.

Solidarity Forever.